Wow! Thank You for Your Early Support. Look at These Streaming Stats!

Radio Free Indie has not even officially been launched and there has been no promotion or advertising done to bring attention to the station, and yet YOU have been spreading the word in a way that is reminiscent of the early days of the station that we called Indie 103.1.

Take a look at these stats, this is YOU being counted. Already in the month of April we have 3200 listeners with an AVERAGE time spent listening of 1Hour 6Minutes.
We emphasize that these are REAL stats – Not inflated BS stats (and we haven’t even released our phone app yet!). Each one of these numbers represents a real listener and one of them is YOU!
So we thank you very much.

This is just the beginning of Radio Free Indie, and like the start of that radio station that we launched on Christmas of 2003, we are running commercial free (No intrusive banners or video ads) and with little talking. We do go on and DJ live every day but we keep the talking short, because our intention is to give you a radio station that you can put on at the office, in the store, shop, restaurant, at home or even in the car (via Tunein app) and you wont have to worry about a lot of non-sense talking. Just good music. You can bet that we will be featuring a lot of local bands and new music in the coming days and weeks.

We thank you again for your early support, it means the world to us.

Mr. Shovel

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