The Sex Pistols – The Spirit of Rebellion Incarnate – at The Queens Jubilee 1977

If you’re already aware of this event, then skip the reading and hit play to enjoy an injection of good old fashioned rock n roll rebellion. If you are unaware of the Sex Pistol’s infamous boat performance during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, then take a moment to put it into perspective of the pomp and circumstances surrounding the Queens Diamond Jubilee underway this week upon the same location on the river Thames in London.


Few moments in rock history are more monumental or packed with more power than the appearance of The Sex Pistols on the Thames, June 7, 1977.

The footage above is taken from the film “The Great Rock n Roll Swindle” using some performance footage that was shot at another time. The video below, though poor quality is an accurate portrayal of the actual performance that day on the Themes.

The video below is from The Filth and the Fury, with a more intimate view of the song from the band’s perspective.
We at Radio Free Indie hope that the rebellious spirit of this moment in rock history will be re-discovered by each new generation.