FYF 2012 is now dust in the wind – vids

FYF 2012 is in now in the history books and while we’re still busy trying to blow the sand boogers out of our nostrils we wanted to share a couple of vid clips. Since we didn’t want to be that guy holding up the phone during the whole show and opting instead to absorb the performance, these clips are brief but hopefully capture the moment.


Twin Shadow

This song “Five Seconds” is a bona fide hit and should be getting played on every “Alternative” radio station in the country. Come on “Alt” radio, make some room for this. Twin Shadow should be playing your radio station “Ho F*ckin Ho Down” Chistmas show (don’t steal that name!) To add some happy factor to an already stellar set, local musical handyman Bram Inscore (Touche, Obi Best, Belle Brigade, Willoughby, Beck, and on an on) held down the bass and synth for Twin Shadow, whose songwriting abilities come as mana from the Gods.



After a very respectable rendition of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”,  the Portland based electro-rock foursome closed out their sundown set with Neil Young’s ode to rock “My My, Hey Hey (Into the Black). It’s reassuring to hear that Rock n Roll will never die, because with some other FYF bands it may be planning for a retirement on a laptop hard drive. Chromatics were the perfect melding of electronic and rock.


We have nothing but love and respect for these LA Smellsters. Health always manage to sound incredible, and in this case the odds were against that, being that (unlike Coachella where the sound is consistently well mixed) the audio mixing at some of the FYF stages was hit and miss at best, putting some great bands at a disadvantage. Artists would have been well advised to have their own person at the sound booth to chime in when the guitar needed to be louder, and the bass lower. Not blaming the sound guy, they just may not know what the band is supposed to sound like.

Besides Desaperacidos who slayed on Sunday night, Health put on our second favorite performance of the weekend. This vid may not capture the best moments of that show (that’s when we were too enraptured to shoot) but we’re glad to have this little clip to have as a keepsake.

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