UPDATE – Not afraid to say we cried today – Respect to Adam Yauch

"Well I'm MCA, I got nothing to prove. Pay attention, my intention is to bust a move".”"

UPDATE May 6, 2012- There will be a private Buddhist funeral for Adam Yauch on Wednesday and a memorial reception on Saturday. These are not public events.
Discussions are underway for the planning of memorial concerts in tribute to Adam Yauch that are preliminarily set to take place in New York and Los Angeles in September.


For those of us who grew up with the Beastie Boys, we can truly say we “grew up” with them. As teen-agers they were punks on the streets of Manhattan who were exposed to the earliest incarnations of hip hop culture and they turned us on to it.
In their 20’s they made a sensation of shaking up beer cans and blasting them all over nearly nude girls who were dancing in a go-go cages, and we ate it up. Then they introduced us to 70’s kitch with with “Hey Ladies” and broke new ground with the monumental “Paul’s Boutique” album produced by the Dust Brothers.
In their 30’s Adam Yauch led the Beasties into a new more socially-conscious direction, with their efforts to raise awareness of human rights violations in Tibet. The Beasties were always a step ahead of us. As they grew, we grew. Social activism became COOL, in no small part to the efforts of Adam Yauch and the Beasties and their friends in Radiohead and REM. As they matured, we matured.

When the city they loved was so viciously attacked on 9/11, they managed to put into pictures, words and sound a way for us to heal with their “Open Letter to NYC”.
Though we were done fighting for our right to party, there were other fights more important, and again the Beastie Boys led the way. When the Bush administration was railroading the world into an ill-conceived invasion of Iraq few artists had the nerve to step out and protest amidst the patriotic fever that had overtaken the nation. The Beastie Boys a had the nerve. They became the elder statesmen and accepted responsibility for the good that could be cultivated by their high profile and influence over youth culture.

When we heard about the Beastie Boys being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame we realized just how far they had come and the enormous cultural impact they had on us. But it wasn’t until we heard of the passing of Adam Yauch today that we truly comprehended how important they have been in our lives.

We share this day a sadness and mutual understanding that we are moving into a different era. A large part of our youth has been left behind and we hope that we are able to handle the difficulties faced by Yauch with the same grace and humility as he has carried himself with during his fight with cancer these past few years.

We truly hope that Adam Yauch will finally be able to sleep peacefully in Brooklyn.
If there are typos and mistakes in this post, please forgive us. Not afraid to say we cried today.

“Strictly hand held is the style i go. Never rock the mic with the panty hose. ”

Wow! Thank You for Your Early Support. Look at These Streaming Stats!

Radio Free Indie has not even officially been launched and there has been no promotion or advertising done to bring attention to the station, and yet YOU have been spreading the word in a way that is reminiscent of the early days of the station that we called Indie 103.1.

Take a look at these stats, this is YOU being counted. Already in the month of April we have 3200 listeners with an AVERAGE time spent listening of 1Hour 6Minutes.
We emphasize that these are REAL stats – Not inflated BS stats (and we haven’t even released our phone app yet!). Each one of these numbers represents a real listener and one of them is YOU!
So we thank you very much.

This is just the beginning of Radio Free Indie, and like the start of that radio station that we launched on Christmas of 2003, we are running commercial free (No intrusive banners or video ads) and with little talking. We do go on and DJ live every day but we keep the talking short, because our intention is to give you a radio station that you can put on at the office, in the store, shop, restaurant, at home or even in the car (via Tunein app) and you wont have to worry about a lot of non-sense talking. Just good music. You can bet that we will be featuring a lot of local bands and new music in the coming days and weeks.

We thank you again for your early support, it means the world to us.

Mr. Shovel

Levon Helm of The Band will Always Live in our Musical DNA

We lost another legend today.

Levon Helm of The Band will always be remembered by the songs and performances he gave us. This version of “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” (with it’s powerful horn arrangements and vocals by drummer Helm) was immortalized in the Martin Scorsese film “The Last Waltz” which documents the final performance of The Band on Thanksgiving Day 1976 at the Winterland Ballroom in San Fransisco.

In the world of indie music, there isn’t a band or solo artist who does not carry the musical DNA of Helm and The Band. Respect where it is due.

Snoop and Tupac onstage at Coachella – Have we entirely processed it yet? – Full Video

There are few things more jaw dropping then watching a ghost of the deceased Tupac Shakur shouting out “What the fuck is up Coachella!!?!!” in full size holographic 3D along-side his pal Snoop Dogg on-stage at Coachella 2012.

It was a combination of a few different aspects of “No fuckin way!” that left the viewers with mouth agape over what was unfolding in front of their eyes and ears. The mythos surrounding the death of Tupac Shakur and the “2pac lives” folklore is what set the stage for the “resurrection” to become instant legend as the show was being web-cast around the world.

As the crystal clear full bodied 3D image of a tatted Tupac rose up from the stage, holding his arms up as if to say “Yes, I know you are completely mind-snapped at this moment, so I will pause to give you time to wrap your head around what is happening and if you’re lucky enough to get a signal, perhaps you can whiz off a tweet before I wrinkle your shit up entirely by yelling ‘”What up Dre!! What up Snoop!?…What the fuck is up Coachella!!?!?!!!”.

The thoughts of “is that real? Is that somebody who just LOOKS like Tupac?” quickly gave way to “My God there is a dead man rapping and dancing onstage next to Snoop Dogg” who was breezing his way through the duet without the slightest wink of “yes, I know we are blowing the world’s mind right now”.

The macabre horror of seeing the dancing dead (or is he alive?) was more then could be comprehended simultaneous to the brain trying to process how it is even possible for such a thing to happen. It must have been what it was like when western man first projected moving picture films to the amazement of isolated tribal populations who had yet to even view still photos.

This was a moment in time when the capabilities of modern technologies ran headfirst into a tribe who had been born in a millenium when such miracles were left to the science fiction of Princess Leah sending a message to Obi Wan. The communal realization that we are moving into a world where we can witness such a thing begins the mind turning. I’ve always wished to see the Doors at Coachella. Word has also been floating around that Paul McCartney is tinkering with a similar concept. The implications moving into the future are still more than we can fully come to terms with.

The Record Company is getting busy – Music Video “I Want To Be Your Dog”

We first encountered The Record Company performing at the new Los Feliz vinyl music shop High Fidelity on Hillhurst this past Winter when they were playing at a free open house party of sorts for the new neighborhood business upstart.

This led to the band’s “Don’t Let Me Get Lonely” being among the first local band songs to go into full rotation in the earliest days of Radio Free Indie programming. TRC have since gotten busy filling out their dance card with a list a Springtime shows that begin tonight (4/12) at Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown in Joshua Tree and tomorrow (4/13) at the Desert Daze Festival in Desert Hot Springs (The event is a spill-over answer to the sold out blankchella festival happening in Indio.)

While The Record Company works out a five week Tuesday residency in May at Danny Masterson’s Harvard & Stone they’ll also be doing a turn at the Silverlake Jubilee May 26.

The band apparently wasn’t already busy enough so they decided to record, shoot and edit a video of a unique vintage-flavored take on the Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog”. It’s worthy of a view and a listen and is indicative of a band that is rapidly maturing. Enjoy.

New Video Release: The Californian – The Man with the Goodnight Gun

There is something comforting about a sound that transports us into the middle of a Sergio Leone film sunset and bisects the House of the Rising Sun. “The Man with the Goodnight Gun” is an epic Cinemascope western played out on electric guitars and director Robert Brandt perfectly captures the tone and feel of the music in this well shot music video.
This writer is guessing the shoot was done on a “stolen” location within Death Valley National Park, and for that alone the band , director and crew deserve extra-credit for their resourcefulness.(*I’ve since been informed by the band that the location was The Salton Sea)
The song is available as a free download.

Soft Swells’ Tim Williams at SXSW

Soft Swells' Tim Williams with Austin based Modern Outsider label owners Erin and Chip Adams


Soft Swells made an impressive splash at SXSW 2012 on the heels of the release of their debut self-titled album. We ran into Tim Williams at Gueros on S. Congress and had a chance to chat for a moment about the LP. Soft Swells’ debut is worth a trip to the record store. This is one that you can spin front to back without skipping a track, and that is rare these days. Congrats to Soft Swells and their truly indie label Modern Outsider Records.


Hype Hotel Hype off the Chizzy



If this looks like fun to you, then you are missing a great time. This is to assure you that all the people who are tweeting about how off the chain it is at the Hype Hotel are probably not even in there. This is a line of people wanting to get in to see Miike Snow. The line hasn’t moved much in the last hour. And just think, you could be there!!!!
Meanwhile, we’re on the balcony of Trinity Hall for the Modern Outsider showcase. We got lucky and landed a parking spot right behind the. “Google YouTube stage”. They should call it the “Sorry we”re sucking up all the bandwidth so you can’t be live on Ustream” stage.
Love yas!