Snoop and Tupac onstage at Coachella – Have we entirely processed it yet? – Full Video

There are few things more jaw dropping then watching a ghost of the deceased Tupac Shakur shouting out “What the fuck is up Coachella!!?!!” in full size holographic 3D along-side his pal Snoop Dogg on-stage at Coachella 2012.

It was a combination of a few different aspects of “No fuckin way!” that left the viewers with mouth agape over what was unfolding in front of their eyes and ears. The mythos surrounding the death of Tupac Shakur and the “2pac lives” folklore is what set the stage for the “resurrection” to become instant legend as the show was being web-cast around the world.

As the crystal clear full bodied 3D image of a tatted Tupac rose up from the stage, holding his arms up as if to say “Yes, I know you are completely mind-snapped at this moment, so I will pause to give you time to wrap your head around what is happening and if you’re lucky enough to get a signal, perhaps you can whiz off a tweet before I wrinkle your shit up entirely by yelling ‘”What up Dre!! What up Snoop!?…What the fuck is up Coachella!!?!?!!!”.

The thoughts of “is that real? Is that somebody who just LOOKS like Tupac?” quickly gave way to “My God there is a dead man rapping and dancing onstage next to Snoop Dogg” who was breezing his way through the duet without the slightest wink of “yes, I know we are blowing the world’s mind right now”.

The macabre horror of seeing the dancing dead (or is he alive?) was more then could be comprehended simultaneous to the brain trying to process how it is even possible for such a thing to happen. It must have been what it was like when western man first projected moving picture films to the amazement of isolated tribal populations who had yet to even view still photos.

This was a moment in time when the capabilities of modern technologies ran headfirst into a tribe who had been born in a millenium when such miracles were left to the science fiction of Princess Leah sending a message to Obi Wan. The communal realization that we are moving into a world where we can witness such a thing begins the mind turning. I’ve always wished to see the Doors at Coachella. Word has also been floating around that Paul McCartney is tinkering with a similar concept. The implications moving into the future are still more than we can fully come to terms with.