We Need Your Support

The Radio Free Indie listening audience has grown past our greatest expectations and that is a fantastic thing!

We are extremely grateful that you are enjoying Radio Free Indie, and that makes the work worthwhile to us.

The way artist royalties and streaming works is the more listeners we have the more it costs us in royalty fees. We feel that it is important to pay these artist royalties and we are obligated by law to pay them. We need your help in offsetting these costs so Radio Free Indie can continue to serve up the music you like.

Radio Free Indie streaming stats Jan. - Feb. 2013

Right now we are in need of $1200 to pay artist royalties and server costs and we are asking for your help to keep Radio Free Indie broadcasting.

We need 24 angels to donate $50 or 120 angels to donate $10.

On this page you will find the PayPal button with very simple instructions for donating to RFI. If you’ve thought about donating in the past, this is the time that we need your help.Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for being there and making this experiment worthwhile.

***We would like to thank Michelle Belaskie, Ben “Mouse” McShane, Scott Calvert, Tina Junger and Thomas Potter and Шматков Андрей for their recent donations.

With all respect,

Mr. Shovel and Radio Free Indie